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We do live streaming from amateur and professional boxing, kickboxing and other combat sport events on our website

Our love for the sport keeps us going, and we appreciate every subscriber that supports us in bringing the sport forward and out to the fans out there. No event is too small - and no event is too big. We have done live streams from kids boxing events to some of the worlds largest tournaments with up to 5 boxing rings in action at the same time.

Our streams has been live on national television, and we have had thousands of fans watching our streams and broadcasts.

Want us to stream your event?
Reach out to thousands of viewers with your event. Contact us if you want us to stream your event. If our schedule is open, we can come to you. If not, we can send you cameras and equipment and help you broadcast to our website and all our fans.
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Reach thousands of fights fans all over Scandinavia and the rest of the world with ads and promotional content on our live streams, on our website, YouTube channel, Newsletters and social media channels.
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