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The best of boxing right here
Streaming boxing since 2013 has been around since 2013. We have done livestreams from championships, tournaments, professional boxing and club events since 2013. We have had thousands of viewers watching thousands of fights. and we have only just begun...

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"Knockout is always there to give us the best boxing events. Much appreciated!"
Per Sirdal H.


"I have seen some of the streams people are doing from different championships, tournaments and club events. Shaky phones and videos lagging.

Knockout always do their streams in HD and often also with top class commentary."
- Tommy B.


"The best collection of amateur boxing I have ever seen. Finally I can watch the fighters from my club when I am not able to travel with them."
Anton H.


"I am always in the corner with my fighters, but after Knockout started, I can analyse my own boxers and our opponents when ever I want. We often watch the fights over again in the club when we get home."
Coach John


I host two of the world biggest boxing tournament each year. It would not be the same without the thousands of viewers watching from home on This has been part of making our tournaments a huge success attracting boxers from all over the world.
Ray Husac

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All the recordings is usually published within 24 hours of the live stream. 

This can be caused by the speed of your internet connection or the speed of the internet connection at the venue. We will always serve the best quality possible within the internet speed we have available at the venue.

It my not be published yet, or something has gone wrong during the live stream affecting the recordings. This may happen, so there is no guarantee we have the recordings available for all events.