Legacy Box Cup 2019

Live stream boxing from Norways greatest international boxing tournament october 26-27.



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The sport of boxing has a tradition of passing forward the knowledge learnt from the previous generation and onto the next generation. B-30 was created in 1930 and since then we have seen passionate coaches and leaders develop boxers to reach goals even themselves found impossible. Many boxers continue as coaches and leaders after they have boxed their last figt, passing their knowledge forward. As we know this corresponds to boxing clubs throughout the world. 

In our travels we experience the global boxing family taking care of each others athletes to contribute to their development and success.

By Legacy Box Cup our club honours the trainers, leaders and boxers that has inspired so many to train hard in the noble sport we all love. 

By Legacy Box Cup we want to honour the sport of boxing and the values that it represents; respect, discipline, hard work and humility. And Glory.